Cita Smart 44 (Gen 3)

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Key Features

2 x 22kW Power Range
Compatible with all Type 2 Charging Cables
CITA Smart App Operation
RFID Access & Mobile Payments
PME Fault Deduction
Easy Installation & maintenance
MID Certified Energy meter
3 Year warranty


Key Features

Simultaneous Charging

The CITA Smart 44 can charge two EVs simultaneously at up to 22kW each

CITA Charger Management System

Track, manage and optimize CITA Smart commercial chargers
including features such as distribution of available power with Dynamic Load Balancing

EV Charging Network

The CITA Smart 44 can be connected to a charging network with the help of CITA Smart Gateway - integrating multiple chargers in the one location to the same network

RFID Enabled

The CITA Smart 44 has RFID functionality with RFID Cards supplied as required


Cita Smart 44 (Gen 3)

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Cita Commercial Smart Charging System