Cita Smart 7

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Key Features

Charging Power up to 7.4kW
RFID Access with 4 cards
Solar PV Compatibility with CT clamp
Compatible with all Type 2 Charging Cables
CITA Smart EV App Operation via WiFi/4G/Ethernet
MID Certified Energy Meter


Type 2 to Type 2 Cable 7kW Single Phase
Residential EV Charger Installation Service - Single Phase

Data Sheet

Solar Matching

The CITA Smart 7 is compatible for Solar Matching and comes with a CT Clamp. This enables your EV to charge from excess power being generated rather than exporting back to the grid

CITA Connect App

CITA Smart 7 powered by a smart application to manage all your CITA Smart 7 Monitoring and settings from your iOS or Android device

Smart Scheduling

With the CITA Connect App, the CITA Smart 7 has automated smart scheduling, ensuring your EV is always charged to your requirements

RFID Enabled

The CITA Smart 7 has RFID functionality with 2 RFID cards supplied as required

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Cita Smart 7

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Cita Smart 7

Creating a sustainable future for all.

Smart and Simple EV Charging Experience

You are powered by a smart application to manage all your CITA Smart EV Charger monitoring and settings from your iOS or Android mobile phone.

Realtime operation with current control according your needs
Smart and schedule charging features
Charging insights with analytics
View charging logs, consumption and savings