Indra Smart Pioneer 7.4kW – Tethered Cable Type 2

$1,499.00 AUD
Key Features
  • Solar matching and load curtailment
  • Capable of delaying charging sessions to ensure they take place at the cheapest time
  • Remotely updateable firmware to allow rapid deployment of new features
  • 5-year product warranty for total peace-of-mind
  • Available with a Universal Socket, Type 1 tethered cable, or Type 2 tethered cable

Residential EV Charger Installation Service - Single Phase.

Data Sheet

Solar Matching

The Smart Pioneer is compatible for Solar Matching and comes with a CT Clamp. This enables your EV to charge from excess power being generated rather than exporting back to the grid.

Smart Scheduling

The Smart Pioneer automatically generates a personal charging schedule each time you plug-in based on your preferences to ensure you're always topped up. App

The App allows you to monitor status, set the charging mode, update preferences, view charging history, get support and more.

Off-peak Charging

Add your electricity plan details in the App and your EV will automatically be charged at the cheapest times to keep your energy bill down.


Indra Smart Pioneer 7.4kW – Tethered Cable Type 2

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