New Ford E-Transit Charges on Blueberry 50kW Fast Charger

New Ford E-Transit Charges on Blueberry 50kW Fast Charger

On Tuesday the 13th of June, EV-NRG welcomed Evansa to charge the new Ford E-Transit at the EV-NRG headquarters on the Gold Coast. Using the Blueberry 50kW Fast Charger, the E-Transit was able to quickly charge before heading back onto the road.

As electric vehicle adoption increases across Australia, we are seeing more customers require charging facilities, such as the blueberry, to support commercial utility vehicles. The Ford E-Transit is a great solution for many trades including couriers who need the practicality of a traditional commercial vehicle but also want to move to electric. EV-NRG recently supported a small business customer who had purchased the New Ford E-Transit with the transition to electric, by setting up an AC Charger for their home.

Chris Hewitt the Chief Sales Officer of EV-NRG stated, "we are seeing more and more companies and businesses adopt electric vehicles as part of their fleet, its important that we can support these industries by providing reliable, quick and easy charging solutions that minimise down time for the end user. Our aim is to continue to help businesses transition from ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles to electric by providing the right hardware and charging solutions to meet their needs."

We were pleased to be able to demonstrate the ease of charging with the blueberry by using the automatic electric cable management system. During the charge we were also able to demonstrate on the 32" touch screen how the vehicle was charging including graphing the charge from start to finish.