Blueberry DC Fast Charger - Approved for Charge UP WA Grant
50kW to 900kW

Scalable Power

The blueberry PLUS is scalable from 50kW up to 900kW, making it easier to quickly upgrade your charger to meet the growing charging demands!

The PLUS can be upgraded in 50kW power module increments, providing a flexible, tailored solution. Each power module is fitted inside a power hub. See below for each power hub configuration.

Power Hub Configurations

Up to 200kW

Up to 300kW

Up to 400kW

Up to 600kW

32" Multimedia Touchscreen

The blueberry PLUS has a market leading 32" multi-media touch screen display that can be customised to your business needs.

During charging, the blueberry displays all the charging statistics an EV driver would need, making a world class charging experience including graphing the charging journey.

The display can also be programmed to display content such as advertising and infomercials. When charging, the advertising can still be present at the top of the screen, whilst still displaying all the charging information to the EV driver.

Electric Cable Management System

The electric charging cable makes charging easy! When needed the system will give you the length required without any effort. When no longer required the system will retract the cable as easy as when extended, all without the cable ever touching the ground.

This cable management system creates an effortless charging experience for all users!

blueberry PLUS Specifications

Main Features

Power unit and user interface in separate units

32" touch screen display

Up to two outputs, with any combination of CCS (1 or 2) and CHAdeMO

Dual SIM modem with external modem

Automatic cable management system

Tilt Sensor

Sequential and Simultaneous charging for two EVs

Web dedicated maintenance interface

Second modem for remote monitoring & asset management

Optional Features

Card payment terminal

DC Metering (including Eichrecht)

The world of blueberry

blueberry FUSION

50kW to 150kW

blueberry CLUSTER

fleet charging