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Cita EV Chargers

CITA EV has integrated smart EV charging technology with innovation to offer the best fit for all your needs. With a wide collection of high-performing EV charger for business as well as homes, we are one of the most reliable EV charger manufacturers in the UK. CITA EV Chargers available in Australia, see what solution will suit your personal or commercial needs.

dedicated solutions to e-mobility

i-charging blueberry

We develop technology that makes the transition to electric mobility easier and faster.our solutions optimize energy consumption and the uptime of the chargers.
EV-NRG are proud to be the i-charging blueberry EV Charger supplier in Australia

The Smartest way to charge your Electric Vehicle

INDRA - EV Charger Solutions

Indra is one of the fastest-growing EV charger companies in the UK. We’re on a mission to create the smartest way to power electric cars through innovative EV chargers that are easy to understand, install and use. Every one of our EV charger solutions is driven by innovation and is packed with intelligence, meaning you can benefit from the cheapest and fastest way to power your electric vehicle. You can now purchase your own Indra, buy INDRA EV Charger in Australia from EV-NRG