up to 150kW

with minimal integration

blueberry FUSION is the newest member of blueberry's family. Keeping the same features as the other blueberry chargers including the 32" display, automatic cable management system and the same technology, it brings 150kW into a very slim unit. Like all other blueberry chargers, it can be installed anywhere.


all in one

It's not always possible to have a fast or ultra-fast charger with user interface and power unit installed apart, for this reason we made the FUSION between both.

Furthermore, the size of the charger is well suited, occupying the least space available. It can be on the sidewalk or in the parking slot, ensuring a good user experience and two EVs parked and charging at the same time!

new accessibility

blueberry FUSION also has some new features, such as the accessibility to its internal components through sliding doors. Due to its new design, the space needed in the back of this charger is diminished.

Main Features

Power unit and user interface in one single unit

32" touch screen display

Up to two outputs, with any combination of CCS (1 or 2) and CHAdeMO

Dual SIM modem with external antenna

Automatic cable management system (CMS)

Tilt Sensor

Simultaneous charging for two EVs

Web dedicated maintenance interface

Second modem for remote monitoring & asset management

Optional Features

Card Payment terminal

DC Metering (including Eichrecht)

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