Blueberry DC Fast Charger - Approved for Charge UP WA Grant

Scalable by power & no. of outlets!

The blueberry CLUSTER is scalable enabling between 2, 3 or 4 charging outlets and power configurations ranging from 100kW up to 900kW. This future proof charger grows as the demand for EV charging grows, giving you flexibility to add more power or outlets as required, when required!

The CLUSTER is built for flexibility including its customisable configuration of the satellites. Satellites can be purchased with or without screens depending on your project requirements. See the different configurations below.

Wall Mount Satellite

Floor Mount Satellite

Floor Mount Satellite with CMS*

blueberry CLUSTER Specifications

Main Features

Power unit and user interface in separate units

32" touch screen display

Up to four outputs, with any combination of CCS (1 or 2) and CHAdeMO

Dual SIM modem with external antenna

Automatic cable management system (CMS)

Tilt Sensor

Sequential and Simultaneous charging for up to four EVs

Web dedicated maintenance interface

Second modem for remote monitoring & asset management

Optional Features

Card payment terminal

DC metering (including Eichrecht)

*Satellite CMS - cable management system

Floor mount support

The world of blueberry

blueberry FUSION

50kW to 150kW



blueberry PLUS

50kW to 900kW