blueberry CLUSTER


Key Features

32" Multi-media Touch Screen

The blueberry Cluster has a market leading 32" multi-media touch screen display that can be customised to your business needs. Whilst showing charging information, the display can also be programmed to display content such as advertising and infomercials.

Scalable Power & Charging Outlets

The blueberry Cluster is scalable enabling between 2, 3 or 4 charging outlets and power configurations ranging from 100kW up to 600kW. This future proof charger grows as your business grows giving you flexibility to add more power or outlets as required, when required!

Electric Charging Cable Management System

The electric charging cable makes charging easy! When needed the system will give you the length required without any effort. When no longer required the system will retract the cable as easy as when extended, all without the cable ever touching the ground!

RFID & Payment Systems

The blueberry Cluster has functionality enabling RFID access or payment systems such as credit card.


blueberry CLUSTER

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