Myenergi Hub V2


Providing a fast and reliable internet connection to your other myenergi devices. The hub and app work together to remotely control and monitor your products from anywhere in the world!

This energy monitor allows you to carry out firmware updates to keep your myenergi products equipped with all the latest features in this rapidly evolving industry. 

    Hub Features
    • Comes with ethernet cable for direct connection to your internet router
    • Remotely control & monitor on your mobile device
    • Required for zappi OLEV approval
    • Status LED’s – show if energy is being diverted by
      your myenergi products
    • Access to the latest firmware updates

    What the Hub does

    Remotely control your myenergi devices on your mobile and desktop portal with energy monitor. Utilise time of use tariffs and always charge for the cheapest prices with a myaccount login.

    The Hub also has access to the latest firmware updates. Status LEDs – show if energy is being diverted by your Myenergi products.

    The Hub comes with an ethernet cable and comes with mains power supply.

    Perfectly paired with

    Remotely control and monitor your myenergi devices using the app. Pre-set heating and hot water on your Eddi and the charging modes on your zappi. View live energy flow, consumption, generation and diverted energy data with our sophisticated energy monitor. Schedule a budget charge and set charging parameters, where your Zappi charger will automatically recognise the cheapest electricity tariffs, to ensure you always charge for the cheapest prices.

    Quick easy install

    The app is free and easy to install on Android and IOS, the Hub can be easily connected to all your devices without the need for an Electrical Technician.

    Firmware update instructions are also quick and easy and can be found on our website.

    Product is RCM Compliant


    Myenergi Hub V2

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